Backyard Perfection

American Outdoor Grill

Designed and manufactured by the company that brings you Fire Magic® Premium Grills, AOG® grills add style and cooking excellence to your outdoor kitchen. Whether Built-In or Portable, you’ll be delighted with the performance, longevity, and appearance of your American Outdoor Grill®

The Grill of a Lifetime

Broilmaster Stainless

Designed with a wider, deeper grill to maximize your cooking experience. Every Broilmaster Stainless Grill comes fully loaded with a variety of standard features, offering both convenience and versatility. With the ability to roast, sear, smoke, grill, or bake, and numerous features for convenience, the Broilmaster Stainless Grill is the only grill you’ll ever need.

Built with passion

Fire Magic

Fire Magic® grills are made by people who demand the best, for people who demand the best. Every Fire Magic® grill is manufactured in our U.S. production facility and held to the strictest quality standards and the highest performance metrics. Using state-of-the-art technology, guided by the watchful eye and careful hand of master craftsmen, and backed by the industry’s best warranty, our grills are an investment to be enjoyed for years to come.