White Mountain Hearth

Breckenridge series

Breckenridge fireboxes offers an assortment of decorative arched doors, louvers, and frames. Liners include four styles in ceramic fiber, one in refractory, plus Black Porcelain (Deluxe only). Surround your fireplace with a traditional-style Cabinet or Corner mantel in one of four finishes, or choose stainable hardwood. For use with contemporary burners, we also offer stainless steel and reflective black liners to fit the firebox. 


Lo-Rider Series

Its name says it all! Installed flush to the floor with an extra-tall opening, our Lo-Rider vent-free firebox mimics the look of a true wood-burning fireplace. It is the perfect match for your unique space with a beautiful Monessen vent-free log set, hideaway screens and a trio of add-ons. 



Enjoy the fireplace you’ve always wanted without a lot of expense. Combined with a Monessen vent- free log set, the Exacta firebox creates an inviting atmosphere for almost anywhere. You get maximum airflow that efficiently adds heat to your home while the zero-clearance design gives you flexibility and helps save installation dollars.


Attribute Series

With a big presence and Monessen’s angled design that pushes out more heat, the Attribute vent-free firebox delivers a fireside experience with style. Finish your fireplace right up to the firebox with the material of your choice and add the Monessen log set you love for a perfect custom look.